Bipolar Medication

This is my review list of medications I have taken. Not all of them are specifically for bipolar but they are ones I have been prescribed.

Imipramine  Very effective antidepressant of the old tricyclic group

Prothiaden  Very effective antidepressant (tricyclic)

Citalopram  Don’t remember much about this one (SSRI)

Depakote  Used as a mood stabiliser (anticonvulsant). Caused big weight gain but fairly effective.

Carbamazepine  Used as a mood stabiliser (anticonvulsant). Don’t remember much about this one.

Venlafaxine  I hate this one. It worked for a while but have had awful withdrawal symptoms trying to get off it (SNRI)

Clonidine  This is for my tic disorder (only take as needed if I am having a tic flare up) but I believe it is also used for anxiety, withdrawal from illegal drugs and alcohol withdrawal as well as ADHD. It is a blood pressure reducing medication.

Quetiapine Excellent so far (second generation antipsychotic)


Quetiapine Update

I forgot to mention that so far I haven’t put any weight on at all. I am being fairly careful in what I eat and making I sure I walk daily. I have a dog so that’s a help although as she is old she doesn’t want to go too far. I’m walking more instead of hopping on the bus. I have a disability free bus pass (given to me by our bus network on account of bipolar being accepted as a disability) so was getting into the habit of catching buses for short distances.

One downside is that quetiapine has aggravated my tic disorder (I have mild Tourette syndrome). This is quite different from the movement disorder that antipsychotics can cause (tardive dyskinesia). I have had tics most of my life. I do worry though that because I have a tic disorder that I might be more vulnerable to drug induced TD. Lamotrigine which I used to take as a mood stabiliser had the same effect on my tics.

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I have been on quetiapine for about two months now. My opinion of it is that it is very good. I am sleeping well, feeling much less depressed and anxious. My negative thoughts are greatly reduced and my self worth is better. I am currently taking 125 mg with the aim of getting to 300 mg. I do worry about the risk of getting diabetes but feel it is definitely worth that risk. In fact I would rate quetiapine as the best medication out of the many I have been prescribed over the years (and I have had a fair few).