Today I am anxious about so many things, some of them I have absolutely no control of. These are the worst type of worries, those worries which eat away at the mind and just keep on relentlessly. I didn’t go to my mental health support group. Instead I slept. I increased the quetiapine to 250 mgs so I was a bit drowsy from that. I should have gone to my support group but felt somehow unable to. It would have helped to go. Also I didn’t go to my tai chi class which I love and rarely miss. Not a good day. I did however manage to go shopping to get some bread and I walked my dog twice.



I have been on quetiapine for about two months now. My opinion of it is that it is very good. I am sleeping well, feeling much less depressed and anxious. My negative thoughts are greatly reduced and my self worth is better. I am currently taking 125 mg with the aim of getting to 300 mg. I do worry about the risk of getting diabetes but feel it is definitely worth that risk. In fact I would rate quetiapine as the best medication out of the many I have been prescribed over the years (and I have had a fair few).