Quetiapine Update

I am now taking 150mgs quetiapine (as from last night). I am beginning to suspect that my brain finds a way to fight medication because I am not as calm as I was. I think I need to work with the drug instead of assuming the drug will work all on its own without any input from me. My psychiatrist has instructed me to aim for 300mgs. Maybe I just did too much over the weekend. Too much socialisation tends to make me tense even if I am enjoying myself. I find it incredibly hard to pace myself and I feel this is the key to feeling better (alongside medication and other self care techniques).

I have just started to take some B vitamins. I’ve always concentrated on B12 but recently read that B3 can help with depression and anxiety. I have bought a bottle of liquid B vitamins. It comes with a dropper so you squirt it under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Also started to take vitamin D and Omega 3.